Thanks for visiting my Kevin Smith tribute page. This is my way of honoring Kevin Smith, one of my favorite actors. This page will remain a permenant part of my site.


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Ares God of War?
9 Mb
Tribute video to Kevin
& his alter ego, Ares God of War.

Please post any special memories, comments, or just your thoughts in general about Kevin in my Memorial Guestbook. Feel free to use the image next to my guestbook to link to this page. The URL is

Below is two of my Comic Tunes that I had posted in what was formely "Ares Audio Zone". You will also find a song sung by Kevin in one of the Hercules episodes. I found this song somewhere on the net, I can't remember where. Make sure that you turn of the background music with the control panal at the bottom of the page before you click on the picture links below.


I found this song somewhere on the net. It is from 1 of the Herc episodes
Ares Prize Song!

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